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For prudent people who value the things they own and want to protect them, CG United provides comprehensive coverage in over 20 Caribbean countries.

We have the experience, understanding and most importantly, the compassion required to deliver the level of service needed in the aftermath of any peril.

In the Caribbean, caring is part of who we are. We look out for our neighbours, friends and our communities. A part of this is showing up when we are needed.

That’s why at CG United, we’re “here for everything,” providing insurance for the Caribbean, from the Caribbean. That means when our customers need us, they can count on us to be there.

In 2017, when multiple major hurricanes ravaged the Caribbean in quick succession, CG United was among the first on the scene in many islands such as Dominica, St. Kitts and Nevis and Antigua and Barbuda. Our team offered relief such as tarpaulin for roofs, food and water for victims, some of whom were CG United agents themselves.

We pride ourselves on knowing that our customers benefit from our understanding and experience in handling Caribbean disasters. At a time when many were still scrambling to assess the disaster, CG United was proud to already be answering questions and processing claims, in addition to providing much needed physical and emotional support to our customers.

Within weeks, several of our clients were able to restore their lives to normalcy, having picked up the pieces and put the devastation behind them. We were proud to be able to stand behind and beside them as they rebuilt their lives and regained focus on their future.

With a heritage of 130 years in general insurance and experience in handling regional disasters, it’s safe to say we know insurance.

As one of the leading general insurance companies in the Caribbean, it’s still extremely important to us that we can deliver the level of personalised service our customers need during those difficult moments. Part of what makes that service so valuable is the efficiency with which claims are processed.

In the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, we received an unprecedented 1,230 claims in the amount of USD $275 Million. CG United was able to settle more than 80% of these claims within 90 days, helping residents to start rebuilding almost immediately. In addition to our years of hands-on experience with Caribbean disasters, we can also attribute our superior response time to our high-quality reinsurance support and financial stability.

A.M. Best, the leading global full-service credit rating agency and the authority on insurance companies worldwide, has consistently given CG United an A- (Excellent) rating. Such a consistently high rating is an indication of our commitment to financial strength and stability, a result of appropriate enterprise risk management over the years.

With a total asset base of USD $225M* and GWP of USD $136M*, we can settle claims quickly and effectively when disaster strikes; which is good news for our customers.

*Based on 2018 audited financial results.

With a wide range of policies to meet your needs, CG United has solutions for the challenges you expect and even for the ones you don’t see coming.

HomePro Homeowners Policy

Your home houses more than just your belongings; it’s your sanctuary. Our HomePro Homeowners Policy offers coverage of one of your most precious investments—your home and its contents. With HomePro, you can ensure you and your family never suffer a loss of lifestyle or comfort due to damage of your home or its contents.

AutoPro Motor Policy

More than a set of wheels; your vehicle is your freedom. Our AutoPro policy offers various coverage options with benefits tailored to suit the needs of vehicle owners and drivers:

  • Comprehensive Cover
  • Third Party Cover
  • Third Party, Fire & Theft Cover

Business Solutions

The fruits of your labour should be protected. From industry-specific coverage (such as Contractor’s All Risk) to coverage for general business needs (such as a Public Liability), we offer a wide range of special insurance packages crafted to meet the needs of any business.

Marine Cargo Policy

Your cargo is precious to us as well. Our Marine Cargo Policy offers coverage for your goods in transit so there is no need for you to fret about the treatment of your valuable stock when it is not under your direct supervision.

Marine Yacht and Pleasure Craft Policy

Leave your worries ashore whenever you set sail. From insuring against damage to your private vessels such as yachts and speedboats, to protecting your business with our Water Sports Operators cover, we have a plan to protect you from any danger you may encounter on the high seas.

Holiday Travel

Don’t let the threat of unexpected predicaments spoil your trips! Our Holiday Travel Policy protects you on your travels abroad. Unforeseen mishaps could mean dipping into personal funds or possibly having to end your trip. This policy ensures your financial safety, no matter what your trip has in store.

Personal Accident

A personal accident doesn’t have to hurt your pocket too. Our Personal Accident Policy provides coverage of any accidental bodily injury. The package may be tailored to suit individual circumstances, as claims can be received in installments for temporary disablement, and in lump sums for permanent total disablement, loss of limbs, or death. This policy also offers coverage for the associated medical expenses of such an injury, subject to certain limits.