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Our Story

Across the Caribbean, more people are placing their trust in CG United for the protection of the things that are most important to them – their homes, businesses and their hard-earned belongings. That’s because we offer excellent general coverage to help you manage whatever life sends your way and our cadre of well-reputed agencies and trained professionals are always ready to provide you with advice and prompt service. CG United is a regional general insurance industry leader that provides Home, Motor, Business, Accident, Travel and Marine insurance in 20 territories throughout the English and Dutch speaking Caribbean.

Financially Strong & Reliable

Over the years, our financial strength rating has consistently been A-(Excellent) by A.M. Best and Company. A.M Best is an international rating agency, which reports on the financial stability of insurers and the insurance industry. Our continued rating of ‘A’- (Excellent) is a result of our very good balance sheet liquidity, favourable capitalisation, comprehensive reinsurance program and prudent management. This enables us to continue delivering an excellent range of general insurance products and services to our customers, including prompt, reliable claims responses.

CG United is a member of the Coralisle Group (CG), the Coralisle Group of Companies (the Group). The Group comprises independently incorporated companies offering property and casualty insurance, employee benefits for pensions and health, life assurance and personal investment products.

Growing to Meet Your Ever-Changing Needs

CG United has grown steadily over the years as a company, building on a combined 130 years of expertise in general insurance. We understand that the ‘little’ things matter and this is why we continue to have a growth record, which has incorporated great attention to detail, particularly in the areas of claims service and reinsurance protection. These two key ingredients have resulted in superb claims performance, especially in the aftermath of natural disasters.

Our People

CG United’s management is comprised of highly-trained professionals recruited from many disciplines who are chosen as much for their technical skills as for their ability to interact with clients and understand individual needs. We place great emphasis on professionalism and personal integrity.

Premier Reinsurance Support

We have strong support, with a portfolio that is protected by some of the most reputable reinsurers in the world. These relationships with top quality reinsurers, all rated Excellent by respected rating agencies such as A.M. Best, have helped us to grow strategically and respond quickly to the settling of claims after catastrophes. Their participation in our comprehensive Reinsurance Programme ensures our continued stability and strength.