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Coming up on the Line & Length Show

Sir Allan Wilkins, just back from the Pakistan Super League,  joins the discussion on Line & Length in association with CG United this week. He looks back at the hugely popular T20 tournament and then fast-forwards to the Indian Premier League which takes place next month.
Download the schedule here: Line & Length Show – TV Station Schedule

March: Let’s Gear Up Saint Lucia!

The CG United Gear Up Programme celebrates athletes, organisations and clubs who are making significant contributions to sport in their community. CG United is pleased to recognise these contributions via the provision of sporting gear to selected awardees. Nominations are invited on a monthly basis from one of the territories where CG United operates. Be sure to check out the CG United or Line & Length Show websites or social media pages for more on the Programme and to confirm the country to be featured each month. To be considered for the monthly Award, for the territory indicated, nominations must be received by the 15th of each month. All nominations received after the 15th, will be reviewed on the next occasion when that territory is selected.

Completed forms and/or queries should be sent to: Barry Wilkinson at

Programme Rules:

  • Nominations by family members will not be considered.
  • Immediate family members (child, spouse) of staff of CG United or any affiliated company are not eligible for nomination.
  • Incomplete nomination forms will not be considered.
  • CG United reserves the right to suspend or cease the Programme at any time.
  • CG United does not commit to providing the gear exactly as identified on the form.
  • Donations will depend on what can be sourced within the required timeframe.
  • By accepting an award under the CG United Gear Up Programme, awardees agree to have their photos taken/used in connection with the Programme and to participate in public relations activities organised by CG United and Line & Length.
  • Not all territories will be featured due to the large number of territories in which CG United operates.

    Nominator Information:

    Nominee Information: