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Our main priority is to protect you from the financial hardship that you may face due to the mishaps that can happen on the road. Our AutoPro Private Motor Policy has three categories, each providing a suite of benefits to suit your insurance needs.

Let’s take the journey, together, and find the right solution for you.

Third Party

Our Third Party Insurance solution protects your passengers as well as others that may be involved in a vehicular accident. It covers your legal liability to your passengers due to injury or property damage, as well as that to other third parties arising from an accident.

We also cover you against Third Party risks if you are driving someone else’s private car with their permission.**

**Limits and special conditions apply

Third Party Fire and Theft

Third Party Fire and Theft

When it comes to being a driver on today’s roads, motor insurance is not a luxury. It is a must-have. Our Third-Party Fire and Theft policy not only provides Third Party coverage but takes care of any loss and damage to your vehicle suffered as a result of fire or theft of your vehicle.

This includes:

  • Any loss of or damage to the insured vehicle as well as its accessories or spare parts as a result of fire, theft or attempted theft.
  • The cost to replace locks and keys for the insured vehicle, as a result of theft.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive Coverage

When accidents happen on the road, you want to know that you are covered. With our Private Motor Comprehensive Policy, you benefit from many levels of protection against different types of damage. There’s also the benefits of Third Party Fire and Theft coverage which protects you against the costs of accidental damage to someone else’s vehicle.

There’s also additional cover for:

  • Hurricane Damage
  • Medical Expenses**
  • Towing Charges**
  • Damage to Personal Items**
  • Windscreen/Window Glass Damage**

Please note that with this type of cover, an Excess/Deductible is payable in the event of a claim/loss by the Policyholder for damage to your vehicle. This is the portion of the loss that is borne by the policyholder.

** Limits and special conditions exist for these items.