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CG United Insurance provides Super50 Cup tickets for boys and girls in Antigua

ST JOHN’S, Antigua – As the proud sponsor of the CG United Super50 Cup 2022, CG United Insurance Ltd. and Cricket West Indies (CWI) have embarked on a new initiative to support a ticket giveaway to school children to catch the action of the annual Men’s regional 50-over cricket extravaganza.

This year’s event features 15 matches on Antiguan soil, including the semi-finals and finals, at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium (SRVS); as well as preliminary matches at Coolidge Cricket Ground (CCG).

The tickets will be distributed to school children participating in local cricket programmes in Antigua and Barbuda both at school and club levels. It will provide an opportunity for young boys and girls to experience world-class cricket and watch their favourite players battle for the 50-over title. In addition to school children, essential workers, such as teachers and health and safety officers, will also receive tickets to attend matches.

Randy Graham, CEO of CG United, remarked that the CG United team was thrilled for this opportunity to expose more youth to cricket. “We want to see more of our children – boys and girls, playing cricket to ensure the future of the game in the region. The sport is engrained in our culture, driving unity and pride and our hope is that this exposure will help to generate more interest. Along with our local partner Anjo Insurances, we are also happy to give back to our policyholders as well. We want to thank CWI for their support and look forward to another successful tournament.”

Commenting on the initiative, Director of Education Mr. Clare Brown stated, “It is important for children to have a well-rounded education, which includes experiences in and out of the physical classroom setting. Sports, especially cricket, is once such activity which has always allowed our children to express themselves through play and critical learning of life skills such as discipline, teamwork, leadership, handling wins and defeats, learning emotional intelligence, self-confidence and much more. We are happy that CG United Insurance has given this learning and inspirational opportunity to our students, which I believe is positive and will be remembered for a life-time.”

Johnny Grave, CEO of CWI said: : “We are proud to have CG United Insurance as a long-standing title sponsor of our marquee 50-over event, especially as they share our sentiment on how cricket impacts the lives of the Caribbean people. The opportunity and exposure which CG United has created for these aspiring young boys and girls in Antigua is significant, as they will be able to experience the thrill of this CG United Super50 Cup, drawing on inspiration from their cricket heroes on the field to build their confidence and set certain goals to help them achieve their full potential.”

The CG United Super50 Cup 2022 started on Saturday 29 October and will run until Saturday 19 November. Antigua are host of Group B which features the Leeward Islands Hurricanes, Barbados Pride, Jamaica Scorpions and the West Indies Academy. Trinidad are the host of Group A which features the Windward Islands Volcanoes, Guyana Harpy Eagles, Combined Colleges and Campuses and defending champions the Trinidad and Tobago Red Force.




Cricket West Indies (CWI) takes great pride and responsibility in growing, guiding and organising cricket throughout the English-speaking Caribbean countries which form the West Indies, represented internationally by the West Indies men’s, women’s and age-group teams.

The West Indies international team is unique in cricket and in international sport. It is the only team in cricket that represents a group of nations, drawing on the strength, skills and passion of each nation to unite through cricket and take on the world.

CWI is the governing body for all professional and amateur cricket in the region, from the West Indies international teams  and home series to regional tournaments such as the West Indies Championship (4-Day), the one-day CG Insurance Super50 Cup and the women’s T20 Blaze.